Camp Agape Bozeman
1701 South 19th Ave
Bozeman, MT 59718
Phone: 406-600-4511


What is Agape Care?

Agape' Care is a branch of Agape' Minsitries Global and it is an opportunity for you, the parent, to have a safe & encouraging environment for your child during days off of school (i.e.: PIR days, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break).

Who can attend?

Agape' Care will be welcoming children from Kindergarten to 6th grade. (K-6).


What is the Time?

A typical day Agape' Care runs from 9:00 am-4:30 pm. We offer early drop off from 7:30 am-8:45 am @ $3/day, as well as late pick up from 4:30 pm-5:30 pm @ $3/day.

The Dates Available Are:

 Session 1:  P/T Conferences, Monday & Tuesday, October 2-3

                   Monday--At E. Free;    Tuesday-Bozeman Hot Springs-$7 fee

Session 2:  PIR Days, Thursday & Friday, October 19-20, PIR Days

                   Thursday-At E. Free;    Friday-At E. Free

Session 3:  PIR Day, Monday, November 27

                   Monday-At E. Free

Session 4:  Christmas Break, Thursday & Friday, Dec. 21 & 22

                   Thursday-Bozeman Hot Springs;   Friday-At E. Free

Session 5:  New Year’s Break, Wednesday—Friday, Dec. 27-29


                   Thursday-Bozeman Hot Springs-$7 fee

                   Friday-At E. Free

Session 6:  PIR Day, Monday, January 22

                   Monday-At E. Free

Session 7:  President’s Day, Monday, February 19

                   Monday-At E. Free

Session 8:  Spring Break, Monday—Friday, March 12-16

                   Monday-At E. Free;  Tuesday-Bowling $3 fee

                   Wednesday-Park;   Thursday-Bozeman Hot Springs, $7 fee

                   Friday-At E. Free

Session 9:  P/T Conferences, Thursday & Friday, April 12-13

                   Thursday-Bozeman Hot Springs, $7 fee

                   Friday-At E. Free

Session 10:  PIR Day, Friday, May 25

                     Friday-At E. Free

What are the Fees?

only $25 per day (plus activity fees when applicable)
Early drop off: $3/day
Late pick up: $3/day


What to bring?

A sack lunch each day. Snacks are provided.
Dress for the weather because we go outside for fun activities. Swim suit on Bozeman Hot Springs day.    

A back pack for lunch & extra clothes.

What we have to offer!!!

Quality Counselors
Air Hockey
& FUN!!!!!

ü  P/T Conferences,  October 2nd & 3rd

Monday—At E. Free;

Tuesday—Bozeman Hot Springs-$7

ü  PIR Days,  October 19th & 20th, PIR Days

Thursday—At E. Free;               

Friday—At E. Free

ü  PIR Day, November 27th

 Monday—At E. Free

ü  Christmas Break, December 21st & 22nd

Thursday—Bozeman Hot Springs-$7          

Friday—At E. Free

ü  New Year’s Break, Dec. 27th, 28th, 29th

Wednesday—Bowling-$3 fee;      

Thursday—Bozeman Hot Springs-$7    

 Friday—At E. Free

ü  PIR Day, January 22nd

Monday—At E. Free

ü  President’s Day, February 19th

 Monday—At E. Free

ü  Spring Break, March 12th-16th

 Monday—At E. Free;                  

Tuesday—Bowling-$3 fee


Thursday—Bozeman Hot Springs-$7

 Friday—At E. Free

ü  P/T Conferences, April 12th-13th

Thursday—Bozeman Hot Springs$7           

Friday—At E. Free

ü  PIR Day, May 25th

 Friday—At E. Free